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Get Your iPhone Dressed!

Here at GET iPhone Case we strongly believe that all iPhones have the right to be dressed up and fully protected before being taken out into the world. All too often we see iPhones scratched, bent and generally looking a little sorry for themselves because their owners were too mean to look after them properly.

It doesn’t take much to ensure that your iPhone continues to look just as good as it did when you first bought it. Here are our top tips;

1.     Always, and we mean always, use screen protection. An unprotected screen on an iPhone is like a human riding a motorbike at 100 mph with their eyes taped open – you are just inviting all the dust and dirt on the open road to flick up and splat you in the eyes! Get protected.

2.     Dress your phone up for the occasion. Much like you would never attend your sister’s wedding in your cut-offs and old Uni t-shirt, neither should you let your iPhone out of the house until it is suitably dressed.

3.     Never handle your iPhone after going to toilet without washing your hands first. The same advice goes for those nuts that you see in bars – never touch them! Ugh!

Too many people take their iPhones out without adequate protection and their screens get damaged and the cases end up dented and broken. Always use protection, both on the screen and for the phone in general. Point three is just our general advice (consider it a bonus tip, if you will).

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