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iPhone 2G vs iPhone 3G

The original iPhone was released by Apple in June 2007. In the great scheme of things that isn’t too long ago however, in the fast-paced world of consumer gadgets 2007 is a lifetime ago!

So what do you do if you have an original iPhone and you want to protect it with a case and/or screen protector? Does anyone actually still sell cases for a phone that was released 3 years ago? Well, actually yes they do. You just have to look hard enough.

Detailed below is a list of cases and screen protectors for the iPhone 2G.

BTW, whilst there are some differences in the dimensions of the iPhone 2G and iPhone 3G some cases will fit both (click image to enlarge). Typically these cases are made of silicone so they can mold to the shape of each phone.

iPhone 2G Case-Mate Silicone Skin and Case

iPhone 2G Case from CaseMate

The Case Mate Silicone Skin Case for the Apple iPhone 2G 8GB is made of silicone to offer complete protection for your phone. Click here for more details and to buy the case. Currently selling for $9.09 including postage.

iPhone 2G Leather Flip Case

iPhone 2G Leather Flip Case

This leather case offers full protection for your iPhone; body and screen of the phone are encased within a strong leather case. Click here for more details and to buy. Currently selling for $7.65 including postage.

iPhone 2G Pink Case

iPhone 2G Pink Case

For someone looking for something a little brighter than the usual black! This case is made of silicone and currently retails for $7.04. Click here for more information or to buy.

iPhone 2G Cases at Amazon

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Amazon also offer a wide range of iPhone 2G Cases. Click here to go to the category listing within Amazon.

GET iPhone Cases and Covers

GET iPhone Case offers a wide range of iPhone 4, 3G and 3GS Cases and Covers.

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