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iPhone 4 Bounce Case including Pong Radiation Reducing Technology – $49.99

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iPhone 4 Bounce Case including Pong Radiation Reducing Technology

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If you are concerned about the effects of mobile phone radiation then you might like to consider the new Bounce case by Case-Mate. The Bounce features radiation reducing material developed by Pong, which they claim is the only material certified by the US Federal Communications Commission to reduce mobile phone radiation from reaching the user.

How Does Pong Work?

Pong For iPhone Cases

It seems that the radiation reducing material is designed to collect and transmit the radiation away from your head. The following excerpt was taken from the Pong website;

  • Without Pong, your cell phone antenna emits radiation in all directions, both to the outside and toward your head.
  • The Pong technology module, optimally aligned with the phone’s internal antenna, attracts the radiative energy. The Pong Effect occurs as a pure energy transfer with no distortion due to the properties of the module material and microwave-tuned antenna design.
  • The unique “ladder” configuration of the Pong module moves the signal and its hazardous radiation through the Pong case like a chimney, and away from the user.
  • The Pong module redirects cell phone radiation while maintaining full signal strength. You may find that your communication efficiency actually improves with the use of the Pong case.

Bounce Case Features

  • Pong radiation reducing technology built into the case
  • Minimalist design
  • Impact resistant silicone
  • Available in 4 colors: black, grey, green and pink
  • Access to all ports and functions
  • Screen protection kit included

If you are at all concerned about the effects of cell phone radiation then you should consider the Bounce case.

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