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Do You Need a Waterproof iPhone Case?

Do You Need a Waterproof iPhone Case?

Are you an avid watersports fan who can’t bear to be without their iPhone? Or, are you a beach lover that wants their iPhone with them but are too afraid that it might get wet, or full of sand? Well fear no more, for GET iPhone Case now stocks waterproof iPhone Cases! A waterproof case … [View Details]

DICAPac WP-C10 Waterproof iPhone Case

DICAPac WP-C10 Waterproof iPhone Case$24.95

The DiCAPac WP-C20 is an all-weather vinyl case that has been designed for multipurpose use; the case is 100% waterproof up to a depth of 33 feet (10 meters)!

Waterproof iPhone Case – H2O Audio Amphibix

Waterproof iPhone Case – H2O Audio Amphibix$80.00

The H2O Audio Amphibix waterproof case is designed for serious water sports! This completely waterproof case allows you to take your iPhone where others dare not!

Waterproof iPhone Case – Overboard Pro-Sports

Waterproof iPhone Case – Overboard Pro-Sports$30.00

The Overboard Pro-Sports waterproof iPhone case is a must for all you water sport enthusiasts! Don’t be without your phone or tunes whilst out on the water.

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