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Verizon iPhone Cases – Sneak Peak!

Here is a sneak peak at some of the new Verizon iPhone cases that we will have for sale Feb 10, 2011! This is just a sample, there will be plenty more available!

Remember, it appears that due to some minor modifications to the location of the Mute switch and On/Off buttons, cases for the iPhone 4 will not fit the new Verizon iPhone (this is only in circumstances where the iPhone 4 case has dedicated holes for the Mute and On/Off buttons. It is possible that some cases will be interchangeable between the two phones).

Verizon iPhone 4 Cases – Available 10 Feb!

Verizon iPhone 4 Cases

iPhone Cases

You have to admit, there are some pretty decent looking cases coming out next month! The Monsta is the one for me!

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