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Best Selling iPhone Cases – Jan 2011 Comments (0)

Yet again, Otterbox Cases for the iPhone command the top 4 positions of Amazon’s best sellers list for Cell Phone Cases and Covers. At Number 1 is the Otterbox Defender Case for iPhone 3G, 3GS – Amazon are selling these cases from $19.30 to $49.95 (at the time of this post). At Number 2 is … [View Details]

Our Top 5 Tips For Using Your New iPhone 4 Comments (0)

Congratulations on becoming the proud new owner of an iPhone 4, one of the world’s smartest and most intuitive phones! The operating system in the iPhone 4 is a significant upgrade from previous versions and there are many new cool features that you should become acquainted with. We have done the research and offer 5 … [View Details]

Verizon iPhone Cases Already? There’s Still 2 Weeks To Go! Comments (0)

You may have noticed that some sites on the net are selling cases for the Verizon iPhone even though the phone is not being released by Apple until 10 Feb 2011. We here at GET iPhone Case have made the decision not to sell any Verizon iPhone Cases until the new iPhone has been released … [View Details]

Verizon iPhone Cases – Sneak Peak! Comments (0)

Here is a sneak peak at some of the new Verizon iPhone cases that we will have for sale Feb 10, 2011! This is just a sample, there will be plenty more available! Remember, it appears that due to some minor modifications to the location of the Mute switch and On/Off buttons, cases for the … [View Details]

A Look at the Rise of Apple’s iPhone Comments (0)

With this weeks announcement of the long awaited Verizon iPhone, we thought it might be fun to look back in time to see where it all started. You might find it hard to believe but the iPhone is only 3 1/2 years old! Yes, the product that quite literally changed the world (and put Apple … [View Details]

Will My iPhone 4 Case Fit The Verizon iPhone? Comments (2)

Well, according to Macworld that all depends upon the case you currently have fitted to your iPhone 4. This is because there have been some minor tweaks made to the Verizon iPhone; namely the slight repositioning of the mute and volume buttons further down the phone. Whilst these changes are relatively minor they most likely … [View Details]

Protecting Your iPhone Does Not Always Mean Paying Full Retail Price Comments (0)

Protecting your iPhone is our goal here at GET iPhone Case! We hate to see iPhones being taken to work, out for dinner or, heavens forbid, on public transport without appropriate protection! The world is an unforgiving place for an iPhone that does not have a protective case or screen protector installed. We don’t think … [View Details]

Top Selling iPhone 4 Case – Dec 2010 Comments (0)

Name: Otterbox Defender Case for iPhone 4 Price: Approximately $26.00 from Amazon and $49.95 from Otterbox. Comments: The Defender Case for the iPhone 4 has been a huge hit for Otterbox having been in the Amazon Top 100 for over 165 days now (which is not bad given that the iPhone 4 was released 193 … [View Details]

Are You Getting Ready For the Release of the iPhone 5? Comments (0)

Despite the early set-backs, the iPhone 4 has proven to be a run away success (again) for Apple. So strong is the Apple brand that anecdotal evidence suggests that people who were considering purchasing the iPhone 4 but were put off due to concerns surrounding the apparent fragility of the touch screen and the issues … [View Details]

Get Your iPhone Dressed! Comments (0)

Here at GET iPhone Case we strongly believe that all iPhones have the right to be dressed up and fully protected before being taken out into the world. All too often we see iPhones scratched, bent and generally looking a little sorry for themselves because their owners were too mean to look after them properly. … [View Details]

iPhone Coupons and Discounts! Comments (0)

Do you want to receive weekly coupons and discounts on iPhone cases, covers and other related products? Of course you do, who doesn’t want to save money! Sign up for our free newsletter and we will deliver to your in-box each week (or less frequently depending upon the offers available) a wide range of offers … [View Details]

OtterBox Defender Case for iPhone 4 Product Review Comments (2)

For your convenience GET iPhone Case has started to conduct product reviews on iPhone cases. These product reviews will provide an honest and unbiased review of a select few cases to give you all the information you need to make an informed decision. We will also provide a link to the cheapest online retail outlet … [View Details]

Do You Need a Waterproof iPhone Case? Comments (0)

Are you an avid watersports fan who can’t bear to be without their iPhone? Or, are you a beach lover that wants their iPhone with them but are too afraid that it might get wet, or full of sand? Well fear no more, for GET iPhone Case now stocks waterproof iPhone Cases! A waterproof case … [View Details]

iPhone 2G Cases and Covers Comments (0)

The original iPhone was released by Apple in June 2007. In the great scheme of things that isn’t too long ago however, in the fast-paced world of consumer gadgets 2007 is a lifetime ago! So what do you do if you have an original iPhone and you want to protect it with a case and/or … [View Details]

What Features in the iPhone 5? Have Your Say! Comments (0)

Sure, the iPhone 5 might be 6 to 18 months (or longer…) away but I am keen to get your thoughts on what features you would like to see when the iPhone 5 is released. With technology advancing at such a fast rate I am guessing that the iPhone 5 will be yet another quantum … [View Details]

Otterbox Cases Now Added to GET iPhone Case! Comments (0)

GET iPhone Case is pleased to announce that we now offer a range of Otterbox Cases for the iPhone 3G and 3GS! Otterbox are known for their solid and sturdy 3-layer cases designed and built for the iPhone. Each case (except the Impact Case, which is a silicone-only case) comes with a screen protector, silicone … [View Details]

Protect Your iPhone with a Protective Case Comments (0)

The phenomenal rise in popularity of the Apple range of mobile devices, such as the iPhone and iPad, has given rise to a brand new market; the protective case. Whilst our beloved Apple mobile devices could be called the wonder products of the decade they are still liable to the day to day bumps and knocks … [View Details]

Will Your iPhone Survive 2 Years? Comments (1)

Our iPhones are put through a series of daily environmental stress tests that according to SquareTrade Inc result in over a quarter (28% to be exact) of iPhones becoming damaged beyond repair in their first 2 years of ownership. Whilst the iPhone (and now the iPad) may have revolutionized the way we communicate with eachother … [View Details]

iPhone 4 Drop Test Results Comments (0)

This video by the guys at ifixyouri shows them dropping an iPhone 4 three times onto the concrete to test the protection offered by the bumper case. Not surprisingly on the third drop the iPhone loses its screen. What does this prove? It proves that your iPhone 4, like most high-tech gadgets, doesn’t like to … [View Details]