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Our Top 5 Tips For Using Your New iPhone 4

Top iPhone TipsCongratulations on becoming the proud new owner of an iPhone 4, one of the world’s smartest and most intuitive phones! The operating system in the iPhone 4 is a significant upgrade from previous versions and there are many new cool features that you should become acquainted with.

We have done the research and offer 5 of the best tips for getting the most out of your iPhone 4:

1. Update your Apps For Multi-tasking

One of the big new features of the iPhone 4 is the ability to multi-task. Update all your apps so they too can be left running in the background whilst you work on something else. Head over to the App Store and hit the ‘Update All’ button.

2. Lock The Page Orientation

Sometimes the iPhone is just too damn clever! When shifting your position the iPhone senses your movement and changes the orientation of the screen from landscape to portrait. This can be useful but are there times when you just want to lock in the orientation – well now you can by activating the new Portrait Lock feature. Just double tap the Home button and swipe to the right to reveal the Portrait Lock icon.

3. Colour or Color?

If you like to spell using the British version of English then click on the globe icon whenever using the keyboard (ie when writing in Notes or Email). The Globe toggles between English (US) and English (UK).

4. Keep Control of the Number of Apps You Are Running!

Running multiple Apps, whilst pretty cool, can also be a drain on your battery. Double tap the Home button to see how many Apps you are currently running. Kill all Apps that you no longer need to save battery life and processing power. You kill an App by tapping and holding on its icon until you see a ‘-’ sign appear. Tap on this sign.

5. Enhanced Search Features

The Search feature in the iPhone has always been useful but now Apple have included the ability to search the web and Wikipedia. As usual swipe to the right on the Home Page to activate the search feature and then scroll to the bottom of the page to locate the Search Web and Search Wikipedia.

6. Bonus Tip – Protect Your iPhone with a Case!

All good Top Tip articles include a bonus tip and this article is no exception! Your iPhone is an absolutely amazing gadget but it is not bullet-proof! One accidental drop and you could damage it beyond repair. Don’t run the risk, for a few dollars you can get yourself a good quality iPhone 4 case or Verizon iPhone Case.

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