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OtterBox Defender Case for iPhone 4 Product Review

OtterBox Defender Case for iPhone 4

Otterbox Defender iPhone 4 CasePrice:

$26.67 from Amazon

$49.95 from Otterbox

Product Overview

OtterBox are renowned for their tough, no nonsense mobile phone cases. They have developed a multi-layered approach to protecting fragile, high-tech devices; a hard plastic case to provide shock protection, screen protection in the form of a film, and a soft silicone layer that offers a first line of defence.

The Defender Series of iPhone cases is one of these multi-layered protective cases. It is tough, strong and uncompromising.

If you are looking for the ultimate in protection for your iPhone then you may just want to consider the OtterBox Defender Case for the iPhone 4.

OtterBox iPhone Case Series

Product Features

  • All your iPhone buttons are accessible through the case
  • Multi-layered shock protection
  • Sleek, slim fit offers ultimate protection
  • The included holster holds your iPhone face in or face out
  • Not tested or recommended for water protection
  • Backed by 1-year warranty

Defender Case Design

The OtterBox Defender Case comes with 3 layers of protection for your iPhone.

The first layer of protection is a hard plastic case that your iPhone fits into (the inside this hard case is lined with a soft felt fabric so your phone won’t get scratched). This plastic case has been designed to hold your iPhone firmly in place. You phone will not rattle around in this first layer of protection.

The second level of protection is a super-strong film that fits over your phone’s screen. This film will resist scratches, smudges, bubbles and the oily residue you often find on iPhone screens.

The final layer of defense is a soft silicone-based case that wraps around the entire phone, including the plastic case. This soft case helps to absorb most of the shock associated with dropping or hitting your phone. The soft case is also ‘grippy’ in your hand – so no accidentally dropping your phone!

Key FeaturesOtterBox Holster

  • The special coating on the outside of the iPhone screen membrane resists finger prints
  • OtterBox have used new material for the touch screen membrane that eliminates static, bubbles, and the “oil slick” appearance
  • Inner felt liner cushions and protects your iPhone
  • Textured silicone exterior for improved gripand shock absorption
  • The included holster holds your iPhone face in or face out (for the highest level of protection we recommend face-in)
  • Completely re-designed holster
  • The holster doubles as a stand for hands-free media viewing
  • The case accommodates most third-party chargers

Customer Reviews

The following reviews have been taken from Amazon;

C. Williams: I waited anxiously for Otterbox to release this case and ordered mine within minutes of receiving the “Defender Released” e-mail. I received the case on Friday and I must admit, it did not disappoint.

Diana De Avila: There are a couple of things I noticed comparing this new Defender to the former 3G / 3GS Defender case:

- the screen protector seems to have been fixed so that the “oil bubbles” won’t appear. I had the bubbles right out of the box for the former version. Seems like they fixed something or changed a material or coating. I’ll update if anything to the contrary happens. No fingerprints on the screen cover either! How do they do that?

- the holster (which I never really use, honestly) makes getting the phone in and out of it a snap (literally). The holster is good because it doubles as a dock or easel to watch videos, etc. This new design clips in from the side and can snap in facing front or back with no qualms. No hard fussing with this one.

- the iPhone and case fit easily in a pocket or purse and don’t add extra bulk (not like you would imagine). The silicone is made in such a way where it is not the sticky kind of silicone (the cheaper stuff that smells and has a gripping quality to it). This has no odor and easily slips out of a pocket (I saw a comment on the other review so I thought I would answer it).

- the port for the charger on the new Otterbox Defender can now accommodate non-OEM chargers with wider connectors (the older one could not). This was a hassle with non-OEM car chargers. This is no longer a problem. FIXED.

- One potential issue is although I like the patterned back (little etched diamonds), I imagine that these could be a harbinger of dust or dirt. It’s easily cleaned though (just wipe it with a cloth or on your shirt sleeve). Time will have to tell on this design decision.

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Where To Purchase

For the best price on the OtterBox Defender Series iPhone 4 Case we recommend buying from Amazon.

You can also purchase the Defender Series from Otterbox.

Product Details

  • Dimensions: 6 x 6 x 6 inches ; 2.1 ounces
  • Shipping Weight: 5.6 ounces

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