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Verizon iPhone Cases Already? There’s Still 2 Weeks To Go!

You may have noticed that some sites on the net are selling cases for the Verizon iPhone even though the phone is not being released by Apple until 10 Feb 2011.

We here at GET iPhone Case have made the decision not to sell any Verizon iPhone Cases until the new iPhone has been released and our suppliers have had a chance to confirm that the minor changes to the Mute and On/Off buttons that are being reported on the net (we wrote about them here) are the only changes that have been made by Apple. We have spoken to several major manufacturers and they have confirmed that Apple have not provided them with any design details of the Verizon version of the iPhone.

Sure, this decision not to sell cases ahead of the release of the new iPhone may cost us a few sales between now and Feb 10th but we believe our customers deserve to buy a case for their new iPhone that fits. We would hate to sell you a case that you may later have to return.

Call us old fashioned but we sleep better at night.

On Feb 10 this is where you will be able to buy your new Verizon iPhone Case. Until then why not subscribe to our Newsletter and we’ll keep you up to date with all the new cases that we are selling for the iPhone.

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